Oke Fijal

My works consist of prints, imprints and performances, the last I understand as copies of real actions, so that everything is eventually a practice of quoting. By placing the quotes in a new visual and spatial arrangement, the context and original meaning shifts. The resulting disruptions are meant to highlight the construction of social phenomena and contribute to their deconstruction. Through my work I want to question phenomena that are considered natural and normal because they have been and are normalized by hegemonic discourses. For me, my artistic practice is a form of political action and is always accompanied by sociological questions.




2021 - current fine arts, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien,

                            class for Post-Conceptual Art Practices, Prof. Grzinic

2017 - 2021 Master of Arts: Migration and Diversity Christian-Albrecht-Universität Kiel

2018 - 2021 Fine Arts (guest student) Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel

                            Class for free drawing and print graphics, Prof. Piotr Nathan

2014 - 2017 Bachelor of Arts: Art/Art Pedagogy and Sociology University of Osnabrück


Projects and experiences (selection)


2017 - current Curator, Young Urban Performances (YUP) Collectiv

                            conception, planning and realisation of YUP Festival and other projects

2019 - 2021 Academic assistant, Institute for gender and diversity studies

                       Christan-Albrechts-University, Kiel

2016 - 2021 Art educator divers institutions in Kiel and Osnabrück

2019              Internship: Production assistant Center for Political Beauty, Berlin


2020 Der Drops wird gelutscht, curated by YUP Collective,

            Kunsthalle and public space, Osnabrück

2020 YUP zu Gast bei Futur 3, curated by YUP Collective, Futur 3 Festival, Kiel

2020 AUA - Exhibition of In Jung, Joran Yonis, Sophie Fijal, Pop up Pavillon, Kiel

2020 Moderne Melancholie, w/G14 Grafikklasse, Flämische Straße 6-10, Kiel

2019 Concealed – Survival Art Festival 17, Wrocław

2018 Young Urban Performances Festival 2018, Kunsthalle Osnabrück

2018 Muar. Raum rückwärts – an exhibition of the YUP-Collectiv „20 Years – 20 Days – 20 Friends“,

          Felix-Nussbaum-Haus Osnabrück

2018 Colour Makes You Kool – w/G14 Grafikklasse, Dänische Straße 7, Kiel

2017-2018 Alte Apotheke – Neue Kunst, curated by Prof. Sigrun Jakubaschke-Ehlers,

                     Schloss Iburg, Hofapotheke, Bad Iburg

2016 Exhibition for the sponsorship award of Piepenbrock, University of Osnabrück