But do you also have

the right to choose?

On each scarf there is a print of the hair of an Iranian person. Next to it there is a text in Farsi about the persons opinion on the dress code of hijab in Iran. Part of the installation is also a video of a perormance which shows the process of the printing. Next to the scarfs there are translations of the text so the visitor who does not understand Farsi can understand the content.

The last sentence on one scarf is the question „But do you also have the right to choose?“ It gives back the question to the western audience who often feels sorry for Iranian women because they have to wear the hijab and assume that they don´t choose to wear it. Although the hijab is mandatory in Iran there are many ways of wearing it. Also an Iranian can decide to wear it for her own reason and not just because the law tells her so. Do you, as a Western European, have the right to choose to wear a headscarf also if it is connected to conservative and negative pictures of Islam in this society?

But do you also have the right to choose?, 2018, detail and exhibition view, Kunsthalle Osnabrück