hier wohnen wir


Hier wohnen wir (Matrix) 2020


potted plant, lamp, bin, bookshelf with 3 books and silicone, mirror, silicone mask, hook,

silicone on canvas, table with silicone asparagus, chair, PVC floor coating, small silicone objects

Installation-View Pop-up Pavillon, Kiel

In contrast to animals, there is no ecological niche for us humans

into which we exactly fit due to our bodies. Instead we construct an

environment around ourselves - a culture in which we fit. At the same

time an image is created of what is normal or natural in this environment

(and what and who doesn‘t). We assume that our view of the world is

normal, but instead it is normalizing. Our gaze - the gaze of the white

majority - is not neutral; it is white.

We represent the ideals of equality, freedom and progress, which we see

as achievements of the enlightenment. What we don‘t see (and don‘t

learn) is that even long after the enlightenment these values applied

only to the normal person; the white man.

Even though this culture was created and modified by humans over

generations, it looks as if it was grown by nature and is immutable. This

is our habitation, but do we really want to live here?